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The Unbelievable Strength Of A Great Sales Message And How To Get One

The Unbelievable Strength Of A Great Sales Message And How To Get One

The message is information you use to convince your prospect of the value of your solution.  The core of your sales system is your message.  Most often salespeople find that their message is communicating something they wish it wasn’t; they wait till they are in front of the prospect to say whatever falls out of their mouth.  Yet while a message is so very important, most salespeople do not know what goes into a good message or how to rapidly develop an effective message.  This bundled course offering will accomplish both. Effective messaging is within your grasp.

The Following Courses will be Covered in this ONSITE Session:

How to Prove Any Sales Claim by How You Say It and How To Beat The Daylights Out Of Your Competitor By Using It

Proof Statements are powerful elements of your sales message. Proof Statements prove your solutions advantages by how you state those advantages.   This course will assist the sales professional with strategies to improve the overall effectiveness of your sales message by developing several Proof Statements for application within your sales more

How to Deliver An Exciting Sales Message In Less than 30 Seconds and Get Them Asking You Questions Right Away

The Elevator Message is a brief 30 second commercial for your solution delivered in-person which causes the prospect to ask "Can you do that for me?"  This term comes from the main situation where its used; finding out you're in an elevator with the CEO or key contact from a prospects company.  He is going to be getting off at some floor within a few moments; if you want him to remember you; you've got to have something to say which creates an more 

"Kevin was very perceptive
on personality types &
styles.  I will be able to
combat competitive companies
with Proof Statements; and
feel I will be able to PULL
more information out of the
customers.  It has already
improved my skills in
drawing out more information
& being able to pinpoint the
actual issue."  

Laura B.,
Sales Representative

"The Score Selling™ sales
training has helped by
giving useful tools... 
as a group we
have devised an Elevator
pitch and a series of 5
different voice mails to 
increase call backs and to
help keep us fresh  in the
prospect or clients mind." 

Robbin Steele, Account
Manager, Szabo Associates,


“Score Selling™ Sales
Training helps me by
remembering what’s in it
for me as a result of making
sales goals. And nudge the
customer for more
information so I can have a
better understanding of

Ben P.,
Electronic Automation Sales