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Managing Sales Capacity

Managing Sales Capacity


That's Sales Capacity Management.

Successful Sales Managers on average;

  • Have a $20,000,000 quota;
  • Manage 8-12 salespeople;
  • Handle active pipelines of from 50-500 opportunities;
  • Are absolutely swamped by information overload.

Until Score Selling 7.0! 

    The Sales Capacity Management App--

    • Select your target sales revenue goal 
    • Get the exact roadmap for each salesperson
    • View progress reports on every meeting, every week, automatically

    One-Click to See Everything, Know Everything

    • View salespeople's Weekly Plans
    • Drill down into Meeting Plans or prospecting sessions
    • Track the quality and numbers of calls and meetings
    • Hold salespeople accountable for planning and follow through

    One-Click to Coach

    • Click to send pre-set or custom Coaching Moments for Weekly Plans, Meeting Plans and Opportunities
    • Track salesperson responses and updates
    • Set priority follow up to ensure things get done

          Recruit new Sales Team Members

          • Set Recruiting Plans by time period and market
          • Access automated google candidate searches and view integrated LinkedIn profiles 
          • Track candidates through your recruiting process automatically

          No Conflict, no overlap

            • Got a CRM? No problem.
            • Got a quoting method? Great!
            • Specialized sales approach? Perfect. 

          Since we focus on sales capacity, there’s no conflict with your existing methods or infrastructure.


          Plan, sell, win, repeat.


          Welcome to Total Control and Full Predictability.


          Welcome to Score Selling 7.0.