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The Power Of A Trillion Winning Sales Strategies In One Tiny Word And The Tool That Makes It Easy To Use

The Power Of A Trillion Winning Sales Strategies In One Tiny Word And The Tool That Makes It Easy To Use

With the incredibly powerful yet perfectly accessible CLIENT™ Qualification index salespeople will build on the powerful foundation of the Score Selling™ solution to broaden and refine their aresenal of consultative and rapport-building questioning and listening approaches. The CLIENT™ Index will give salespeople never before seen advantages in the arena of strategic engagements with their prospects and customers. 

The Following Courses will be Covered in this ONSITE Session:

One Tiny Word That Will Alter Your Career Forever and the Tool That Makes it Easy to Use

Good consultative sales qualifying is something that every successful salesperson does extremely well. Getting to the point where ultimately you are able to rapidly determine if you should be selling to a particular prospect means you are able to free yourself from wasting time selling to unqualified suspects and spend more or even all of your time selling to those prospects most likely to buy from more

The Unknown Factors that Kill Deals and the Tool that Spots Them Instantly

The Score Selling CLIENT™ Sales Qualification is the discipline of measuring the probability of the prospect to buy. It involves applying a set of characteristics to the prospect and measuring them along a standard profile. This is that standard profile: the CLIENT™ more

“I can directly attribute
my ability to sell more as a
result of Score Selling™,
specifically because I am
using the training to refine
my sales approach
considering the CLIENT™
and LANC™ tools.  Some of
the approaches learned from
the training have shaved
rough edges off of my sales
acumen and will enable me to
provide better customer
service and encourage a sale
while leaving less "icky
salesperson residue.”

Jason K., Sales, 
$3 Billion Global MFG