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Spend $40,000 per Week?

Spend $40,000 per Week?

Yes you DO!! 

And that's $40,000 PER SALESPERSON -- EVERY Week!

It's the only way to Achieve a $2 million quota per person in 50 Weeks -- you must be CERTAIN that; 

  • EVERY Week
  • is putting in $40,000 of Quality Sales Effort
  • HOW?

Your customer is getting ready to spend $300,000;

  • Do you think they’re approaching this decision without planning or accountability?
  • So why would you?  

Salespeople lose because they DON'T PLAN! They DON'T PLAN because it takes TOO LONG!

  • They start each 40 hour week with maybe eight hours planned
  • They show up to sales calls without any plan at all
  • At the mercy of the customer, they cave-in and try to SELL PRICE

With Score Selling 7.0 for the first time -- EVER -- planning is a strategic business weapon for salespeople

  1. Salespeople take aim at an exhilarating 90 day sales goal; input their unique info and the Killer App does the rest
  2. Providing them a step by step, week by week roadmap of the Sales Capacity they need to stay dead-on-target to their goal
  3. Salespeople plan each week to stay on track to hit the goal THEY set!

The Killer Sales Planning App

    • Pick your dream sales goal -- get the exact map for how to achieve it
      • Know what to do this week and every week
      • Weekly Plans integrate with your Quarterly Plan
      • Meeting Plans roll-up into Weekly Plans
    • No Conflict, no overlap
      • Got a CRM? No problem.
      • Got a quoting method? Great!
      • Specialized sales approach? Perfect.

    Since we focus on sales capacity, there’s no conflict with your existing methods or infrastructure.

    Plan, sell, win, repeat.

    Welcome to Total Control and Full Predictability.

    Welcome to Score Selling 7.0.