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The Business Case: The MAJOR™ Sales Process, The MAJOR™ Justify Stage Part 1 & 2

The Business Case: The MAJOR™ Sales Process, The MAJOR™ Justify Stage Part 1 & 2

What is the MAJOR™ Justify Stage?  The MAJOR™ Justify Stage is a meeting where you present a Business Case for your solution.  It is a meeting where you present a reason for buying your solution based on information you gleaned from the prospect during the Audit.  The Justify! course bundle will deal with preparing the business case and related strategies.  It will also address the delivery of the business case in the form of the Justify meeting.

The Following Courses will be Covered in this ONSITE Session:

The MAJOR™ Justify Stage Part 1

The Justify Stage allows for mutual qualification.  The prospect wants to know things like you understand their problem; you are capable of solving their problem and can demonstrate that empathy as an expert who is capable of solving the problem.  For your part, you want to ensure you are not caught up in wasted time writing proposals for a prospect who is not really interested; you want to be sure all your sales issues receive the proper attention, including that there is budget for the solution, the incumbent is not an automatic choice and why and that the prospect is ultimately more

The MAJOR™ Justify Stage Part 2

The  Justify Stage gives you an opportunity to understand what needs to go into a proposal and to do so with a room full of the ultimate decision makers who themselves would never attend a proposal presentation, but will make time for an expert presenting options to improve their business.  Ultimately, the Justify Stage will put fun and ease into your sales cycle—there is nothing like being able to show a credible business case which makes your prospect look stupid for not buying it.  Here is where the meeting itself is more

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