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The Best Ways To Find And Sell To The Most Important Decision Maker In The Company

The Best Ways To Find And Sell To The Most Important Decision Maker In The Company

If there is no one actively supporting--campaigning for--your solution inside the prospect's company, you have no sale.  So from planning and organizational analysis to roles versus titles, the Score Selling™ trainee will identify candidates for their Campaigner, then embark on the process of selling to that Campaigner. The key qualifiers of executive authority, personal credibility and personal wins will be reviewed and applied. 

The Following Courses will be Covered in this ONSITE Session:

How to be Sure Your Campaigner Has the Right Stuff and How to Earn His Undying Support for You

More than just someone who is in favor of you and for your solution, your Campaigner has a personal interest in your solution being bought; he also has some authority in the company. Learning how to find your Campaigner, develop the relationship with him, and provide him the necessary support to not only choose, but fight for your solution is vital to your more 

How to Arm Your Campaigners for the Fight of Their Lives and Why They Will Love You For It

The showdown for your solution will most often be fought by someone other than you--your Campaigner.  He or she will need to be ready to sell your solution for the first time and on their very first try.
In this course you will be prepared to strategically equip your Campaigner and test his or her sales ability, personal commitment to you and your solution and ultimately their ability to make their more

“I want to break CLIENT™
and LANC™ down to the
basics and create a
laminated card that will
remind us of what to do
prior to going into a
customer session.  I never
understood my sales tactics
before.   I just picked
things up and used them when
they fit.   This put
everything into

Stephen W.,
National Sales Manager,
Industrial Sales