Selling by Video Conference: the Big Book of Professional Online Meeting Sales Strategies

Score Selling, LLC

ScoreSelling™ SIGNAL™ 

The ScoreSelling™ SIGNAL™ method not only enables the professional salesperson to sell without being In-Person, it enables them to Sell More than In-Person.

Using Professional Sales Video Conferences, the ScoreSelling™ SIGNAL™ salesperson delivers an engaging, value-driven sales journey to their prospects which results in high value relationships and increased revenue and profitability.

FORGET the Term “Virtual Selling.”

There is nothing virtual about the single, GREATEST advancement for sales since the telephone; the use of the Video Conference within a professional sales process.

The proper use of video conference in selling delivers exactly what the customer has been waiting for; distilled value in their preferred medium.

The customer does not need to see you In-person and has felt this way for a long time. It just took a global pandemic for some of us to realize it.

Customers are under tremendous pressure. They want to know NOW if you can help them, and if so, HOW? They do not need you to be In-person, so long as you can show them you can help and are able to show them quickly and clearly.

Nothing is faster and clearer than a professional video conference.

Embrace video conference in a professional sales process so that you can deliver high value to your customer in a brief period of time. You will sell more than you ever did In-person.

It is a BIG JOB to learn how to do it right.

This book will help you to do just that.

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