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Push-Button Selling

Push-Button Selling

Selling the Old Way TAKES TOO LONG!

Salespeople Now Have the TOOLS to SPEED IT UP!

Successful sales professionals on average;

  • Have a $2,000,000 quota;
  • Need to plan and see 12-20 meetings per week;
  • Write dozens of quotes and send and receive 100's of emails and phone calls every week.

Give them the tools they need to WIN!

    Research powered by Google and LinkedIn

    • Push button pre-set searches to get to KNOW your prospect
    • Access integrated LinkedIn profile feeds and updates
    • Integrate valuable insights into your Meeting Plan and selling strategy automatically

    Email Selling 

    • Click to set precision follow-up on your prospects from minutes to weeks
    • Send Score Selling email templates and letters on demand and automatically
    • Kick-off automated email schedules that prompt your prospect to respond

    High Powered Phone Prospecting

    • Auto-Follow-Up sorts your high priority calls
    • Make 100 dials in two hours
    • Save your Voice, Save your Time -- When you get the prospect's voicemail, simply say "Hello Mr. Prospect" and click to leave a pre-recorded voicemail message

      Automate Planning

      • Pick your dream sales goal 
      • Get the exact map for how to achieve it
      • Know what to do this week and every week

      No Conflict, no overlap

        • Got a CRM? No problem.
        • Got a quoting method? Great!
        • Specialized sales approach? Perfect. 

      Since we focus on sales capacity, there’s no conflict with your existing methods or infrastructure.


      Plan, sell, win, repeat.


      Welcome to Total Control and Full Predictability.


      Welcome to Score Selling 7.0.