The Sales Capacity Assessment -- How to Find Out Why Your Sales Team Isn't Selling and -- What They Need to Fix So They Can Sell More and Sell Faster!

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What does your sales team REALLY NEED to excel this year?

Since increasing Sales Capacity is a necessary prerequisite to growing sales revenue, a thorough understanding of the Sales Capacity of both the team and the individual is vital to achieving significant sales revenue growth. The Score Selling™ Sales Capacity Assessment is a detailed analysis and report on the current Sales Capacity of both the individual salesperson as well as that of the whole sales team.  The Assessment includes;
  • Online questionnaire 
  • 267 Questions 
  • Average time to complete the assessment is from 90-120 minutes 
Sales Capacity Sections: Where are your opportunities for growth? 
  1. Sales Process
  2. Consultative Qualification
  3. Prospecting & Follow Up 
  4. Time Management & Productivity 
    Each of these areas will be thoroughly mapped and analyzed so that you can structure a plan to get you where you want to be, when you want to be there.  Once your assessment is completed, the results will be compiled by a Score Selling consultant and returned to you.  Hit your goals this year!
    Hit your goals this year!
    Includes assessment for 4 salespeople and 1 manager

    "The Score Selling Assessment was an extremely important first step for us. Many of our salespeople are veterans, while some were brand new. Additionally, the Parts and Service Rep has a different dynamic and objective than our Machine salespeople. The Assessment helped us a lot in identifying their needs and Kevin helped us map those needs into a custom fit sales training program."   

    Brian Hamilton, General
    Manager, Georgia Operations
    Thompson Lift Truck
    Company, Inc

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