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How To Triple Your Productivity To Make More Contacts With More People And Find The Best Prospects For Your Business

How To Triple Your Productivity To Make More Contacts With More People And Find The Best Prospects For Your Business

Prospecting effectively means the ability to reach and convince people that you have something of value to spend a few minutes with you discussing.  The truth is that although fewer people pick up their phones AS OFTEN, they still pick up their when approached consistently and correctly. Salespeople that are able to manage themselves to be productive in their calling efforts will experience dramatic success compared to other mediums such as mail, email or visits.  These courses will deliver the means, tool and methods to significantly increase your productivity in phone prospecting.

The Following Courses will be Covered in this ONSITE Session:

Why You Can't Set Enough Sales Appointments to Meet Your Goals and How to Fix It

Prospecting is the lifeblood of the sales business. Your ability to find high quality prospects and develop new opportunities for your solution is the single most important capability you have as a professional salesperson.  In this course You will learn and apply Compression Prospecting to maximize your ability to touch more prospects, more often, more effectively and faster, thereby securing more opportunities to present, sell and close sales for your more

The Only Tool You Will Ever Need to Set More Sales Appointments Than Ever Before and How to Use It To Make Money Now

Winners make more calls is a plain, simple and age old truth of the successful salesperson.  Salespeople who are able to manage themselves to make more calls on purpose and to make better use of their downtime by either filling it with making more calls or preparing themselves to make more calls are salespeople that are on their way to top more

12 Phone-Ready Methods You Can Use to Close More Sales Appointments Now

One of the biggest problems with setting the meetings with your prospects comes in the last few inches; when you have the prospect on the phone and sometimes even ready to schedule the meeting, but something delays that from happening.  And the salesperson gets off the phone, intending to follow up and either doesn't, or when he does finds the prospect unavailable, or has forgotten and is no longer more

"We began using Score Selling
sales training solution
about 4 months ago and
during this time we have
successfully implemented the
prospecting, lead generation
and time management portions
of his program. We have
completely overhauled our
sales messaging, fully
dialed in our approach to a
new level and experienced
gains beyond the goals that
were established at the
beginning of the program. We
implemented the executive
level calling with fantastic
results; the voicemail
campaign; and the
compression prospecting Call
Day. In this short time
period our prospecting
pipeline has almost doubled
(48%). I attribute this
success to the Score Selling
model that Kevin has
provided. If you are a
single sales person or
manage 100 sales people, I
would strongly urge you to
look at Score Selling as a
tried and proven system to
help you exceed your sales
goals. Your sales team will
find Kevin to be a true

Curt Dowling,
Senior Vice President, Benise-Dowling  


"I take more ownership of
what do. Dig deeper and add
value... One key factor

C. W., Sales