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How To Know Which Adjustments You Need To Make To Hit Or Surpass Your Goal

How To Know Which Adjustments You Need To Make To Hit Or Surpass Your Goal

It's time to kick in the Afterburners! You are closer than ever to your goal--you have spent the time and invested the effort.  Has it all gone your way? Of course not! But you are going to take account of lessons learned and finish the home stretch with the Afterburners engaged!

The Following Courses will be Covered in this ONSITE Session:

How to Keep Your Sales Goals on Track and Why Everyone Claims They Do This When Really They Don't

This course will help you to establish and REFINE your own Goals, Forecast, Target Lists and critical-path activities which will get you to goal. Setting Goals with Your Quarterly ScoreMore will step you through your THIRD application of the Quarterly ScoreMore, this time with construction of a Trendline for your Weekly ScoreMore Scoreboard using the QSM more

How to Keep Your Sales Manager Focused on Helping You Make Money in Only 15 Minutes per Week

Salespeople are often out of touch and out of reach of their sales management.  Prime time hours should be spent in selling activities and not expended on management discussions and time consuming forecast reviews.  Yet, while software applications were meant to remove the need for this dialogue by supplying dashboards and reports, all too often this information is missing the living component of an accountable salesperson supplying dynamic and current more

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