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How To Know Everyone Who Affects Your Sale From Mr. Big To The Victim And From Your Campaigner To Your Enemy

How To Know Everyone Who Affects Your Sale From The Chief To The Victim And From Your Campaigner To Your Enemy

From the fundamental differences between prospect Roles and Titles, the professional salesperson will review, learn and wield Score Selling™ CLIENT™ Leadership strategies to secure sponsorship and support of the sales process. The consultative application of the Org Chart--both as a strategic tool and as a selling tool will be applied. The profiling of dominant roles in the buying decision will empower the Score Selling™ trainee to rapidly take ownership of the principles of CLIENT™ Leadership efficiently and with high confidence. 

The Following Courses will be Covered in this ONSITE Session:

Mapping Roles and Titles and Understanding the Org Chart and Power Structure in Your Sale

The CLIENT™ Leadership category is all about the people in your prospects company who are involved in the decision to purchase your solution.  Understanding who they are, what their relationships are with one another, what their power is within the organization and what their level of accessibility is are all vital concerns for the professional more

How to Know Every Decision-Maker Affecting Your Sale and How to Earn their Support for Your Solution

Specific relationships with key personnel and stakeholders make the critical difference in winning the opportunity and closing the sale.   In this course you will build upon the Org Chart and Power Structure to specifically profile key decision makers in your sales process; how to position your solution vis a vis their needs, ultimately mapping a process to secure their approval requirements and earning a "Yes" from more

“Score Selling™ helps me
to sell more by following
the rule of CLIENT™ and
LANC™ much more closely,
do a better job qualifying,
and build org charts.  It
emphasized where I need to
be more organized and how I
can better gather
intelligence and be a better

John Z. 
Project Specialist,
Industrial Sales

"He made the class fun.
Which in turn makes it easy
to learn."  

Waylon. F.,
Territory Sales Specialist

"I am taking a more
proactive goal in knowing my
sales goal and striving to
surpass it.  It has allowed
me to understand how to
really listen to a customer

C. Nelson, Territory
Sales, Global MFG