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How To Find Funding, Justify Your Margin, Map Return On Investment And Never Lose On Price Again

How To Find Funding, Justify Your Margin, Map Return On Investment And Never Lose On Price Again

More than budgets, the CLIENT™ Economics category develops strategies such as sufficient budgets, path of approval, requisition process, terms, discounts, ROI (return on investment), any and all financial numbers used to qualify your solution. Consultative discovery of these areas through skillful application of the LANC™ Sphere of Concern will aso be addressed in this session. 

The Following Courses will be Covered in this ONSITE Session:

Why Most Salespeople Ignore the Paper Path and Why You Will Never Fall into that Trap

Your path to a closed sales is filled with personnel who have an official stake in the approval process; they must sign off and personally approve your champion's requisition as is passes through the company's internal procurement process.  Far too many salespeople wait too long to begin to understand who these critical decision makers are, finding too late that someone has "popped up" in the decision who is not ready to approve more

Return on Investment: Why Most Salespeople Screw this Up and How Simple it Really is to Make Your Case

The ROI is a simple tool used to provide credibility to the claims that you have made regarding the cost of the problem and your ability to take away those costs.  Many salespeople attempt to sell without having provided this information to their prospects. Others attempt to provide too much information about ROI and confuse this simple issue.  In this course you will learn why every solution should have an ROI and how simple a process it is to present one more

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