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How To Deal With Any Sales Objection With Less Effort, Less Stress And More Success Than Ever Before

How To Deal With Any Sales Objection With Less Effort, Less Stress And More Success Than Ever Before

From the common objection handling and uncommon consultative approaches of the Score Selling™ LANC™ solution, salespeople will gain ownership of incredibly powerful new and effective means to engage both their customers and prospects in rapport-building, business-centric discussions and question and answer sessions. Salespeople will learn vital techniques such as limited length questions and the Score Selling™ concept 'Achievement of Psychological Fade.' 

The Following Courses will be Covered in this ONSITE Session:

How to Sell in a Way that Builds the Strongest Rapport in the Fastest Way Possible

JP Morgan famously once said A man always has two reasons for doing anything: a good reason and the real reason.

So when the prospect says "your price is too high" or "we're happy with what we've got" or just simply "I'm not interested" the issue is first to understand what are the motivations behind the statement.  The LANC™ Sphere of Concern is the first method available to enable the professional salesperson with a method to rapidly and accurately analyze the decision-motives of the prospect. Reliable consultative strategies for questions and objection handling can then be rapidly articulated and deployed over this stable more

Your Most Feared Objections and How to Handle Them

You have a series of objections that tend come up consistently from your prospects at various times and stages in your selling interactions with them and which present consistently big problems for you when they do.   You will strategize and create several ways to handle these objections, choose the best ones and commit them to memory for demolishing those objections the next time they come up and even to snuff some of them out before they ever do come more

"I feel more comfortable
with objection handling and
will use those skill sets
more effectively."    

Bryan F., Territory Sales

"I learned to set another
goal for myself as well as
handling objections using
turn key sample.  It has
given me new ideas on how to
strategize better and put us
on the top of customer's 
vendor list."  

P. G., Territory Sales
$3 Billion Global MFG

"Kevin was very personable
and likeable.  Now I focus
more on the strengths we
have as a negotiating tool. 
I am more confident in
handling objections."  

Clay W., Sales Leader
Industrial Sales