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How To Close The Sale On Time And Why Your Prospect Wants To Be A Part Of The Process

How To Close The Sale On Time And Why Your Prospect Wants To Be A Part Of The Process

The CLIENT™ TimeLine is the timing of Deadlines and Compelling Events related to the prospects business combined along with the timing of events on your sales cycle. To gain proficiency in creating, presenting and selling on the Timeline a sequential step by step layout of the events of your sales cycle leading up to the acquisition of your solution will be positioned, analyzed and practiced in individual exercises. LANC™ consultive questioning and listening will be used to identify and position the customer timeline. 

The Following Courses will be Covered in this ONSITE Session:

How to Find the Compelling Event that is Driving Your Customer to Purchase

With all the dates inside the customers business, above all, there is an event driving your prospect to make a decision by a certain date.  Identifying that date and positioning your sales process to accomodate and benefit by the date is what will be reviewed in this more

How to Get Your Prospect to Help You Close the Sale on Time

The CLIENT™ TimeLine is a visual representation of the timing of events on the sales cycle.  Optimally, this information is shared with your prospect.  That way, they can help you by pointing out what theyre not going to be able to do by a certain date and what they might be able to do by a certain more 

“I attribute my ability to
sell more as a result of the
Score Selling™ training,
specifically because it
basically reminded me to ask
more questions and it gives
you other ideas to think
through the process.” 

Dale R., Large Motor
Specialist, Manufacturing

“Score Selling™ helps me
to sell more by
understanding the customers
requirement and to show the
customer how committed you
are to help their specific

M.N., Global
Manufacturing Sales