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First, take the Assessment located here

This is a 40-60 minute survey of your skills, capabilities, challenges and opportunities as a sales professional. 
Please allow for 40-60 minutes to complete this assessment. Please complete it in ONE sitting and in ONE session. 

The questions are presented in two (2) parts as follows; 
  • Part One: Detailed Response (10-20 minutes.) A group of five (5) questions requiring a detailed response to each. 
  • Part Two: Rapid Response (30-40 minutes.) A group of 125 multiple choice or short response questions. 
These questions are designed to be challenging and insightful both in the actual taking of the assessment as well as in the review of the results of the assessment. The assessment results will be compiled and distributed back to your management for distribution to you. 

In order to ensure the accuracy of the assessment, please answer each question honestly and without "over-thinking" the answer; your first answer is most often the right one. More than 92% of all salespeople who have taken the assessment have reported it's information as extraordinarily insightful and the corresponding roadmap as extremely actionable in post assessment surveys. 

Again the link for your assessment is here.

Thank you again for your participation and I look forward to reviewing the results with you.

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This course will introduce you to the program.  When you next login, you will see your full catalog of courses you will be taking over time.  All courses will remain accessible to you once you complete them, so you can go back and refresh as you see the need.

Your Toolsets are being shipped to you;

Your Toolsets are being shipped to the address you provided; confirmation will be emailed to you just prior to shipment.  


I will be in touch with to arrange a time to discuss the results of your Assessment as well as to introduce myself and the program to you.  Again, welcome to the Score Selling™ program; I look forward to great things! 

Please email or call me at any time with any questions.

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