Score Selling™ Success Stories: Sales Training that WORKS!! From NEVER Call Me Back to Come to My Pre-Bid Meeting

We had been involved in ScoreSelling training for a few months and we decided to have a training session where we would each work the phones using what we had learned, record our results and then reconvene to discuss our progress. During our second session I was making my calls with some good results but I had reached a prospect on my list that I had called before. On my previous call to this gentleman, 

He had very firmly insisted that I never call him back. 

About this time Kevin walked into my office and asked how it was going. I told him about the next call on my list and that he had told me to never call again. Kevin asked me what I planned to do and I said I was going to call him anyway. After a few minutes of discussing this situation Kevin suggested that this gentleman may just be a bottom line kind of guy so maybe we should just cut straight to it. We had been practicing many techniques in our course so I just jotted down a few notes to prep this next call.
I dialed his company number and asked to be transferred to Bill. I thought I would probably get his voicemail but unexpectedly he answered 

“This is Bill”. 

I said “Bill, you don’t know me but I work with Benise-Dowling National Painting and we have painted the exteriors of 30 Embassy Suites and have been able to reduce their capital expenditures on Painting by 10%, should I stop now?” 

Then I just shut up and waited. 

Bill then stated that they are planning on painting this year and that he wanted our information so we could be invited to the pre-bid meeting. 

I was chuckling at this result. Here was a guy who told me never to call back. I did anyway but used the techniques from the ScoreSelling course, with no fluff at all and 

I got a positive result.