Score Selling™ Success Stories: Sales Training that WORKS!! From I had Almost Given Up Hope to Exclusive Contract

I had almost given up hope...

I recently landed a major account and I can directly attribute my success to strategies learned from Score Selling™. 

The prospect was an entertainment company in Los Angeles. I had attempted to reach them several times over the course of about a year. I didn't have a specific target in mind because I was not sure who the decision maker was. I had spoken with their Chief Operating Officer when he was with another company in New York but that didn't give me much hope. 

Over the course of several years I had spoke to the COO at his former company. I would get lucky and get him on the phone once a year. I pitched him on my company's services and he seemed to have interest. He would usually suggest I follow up in a few months. Another year of calls would go by and then I would get him on the phone again. This became a process that never ended with a sale. Through a trade publication I learned that he had left and taken the position as COO at another company that I was "hunting". 

I sent him a congratulatory note in the mail. I tried to reach him by phone a few times but decided that he might be a little higher up on the executive scale to pitch on my company's services. Through my own research I identified who the Controller was. Since we offer financial services to the Media & Entertainment industries this seemed like the right target. I left messages that were never returned. 

I had all but given up then I took Kevin's Score Selling™ course. 

In the course I learned how to craft voice and email messages that were more likely to get a response. I was a bit skeptical but I tried it out. I learned how to obtain an email address using Kevin's training. Ultimately my communications conveyed a message that they would be doing themselves a disservice by not responding and learning more about the services that I had to offer. Furthermore, I played on my past relationship with their new COO. I left message with the COO's assistant that acknowledged that he was probably too busy to meet with me but there had to be someone in his organization that could benefit from a meeting. That message was forwarded to the Director of Accounting. After a couple of brief phone conversations, an "elevator pitch", and an email or two I found myself in Los Angeles meeting with the COO, CFO, Controller and Director of accounting. 

Within a couple of weeks of that meeting the prospect became a new client and entered into an exclusive vendor contract with my company. 

I highly recommend Score Selling™ to anyone in sales. It is my experience that if you follow Kevin's program you will see a return on investment almost immediately.  

Jacob Robertson, Account Manager, Szabo Associates, Inc

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