Score Selling™ Success Stories: Sales Training that WORKS!!

"Our goal was to increase our market exposure through a more focused and accountable sales process that increased closed business. Score Selling™ provided results of average gains in individual professional productivity of 15-20% over the year. I highly recommend Score Selling™ to any organization seeking to improve sales results in their organization."  

John Clark, President at Signal Energy Constructors a Barnhart Company


"With over 25 years in sales and sales training I have seen countless "Selling Systems", but Score Selling™ is the first I have encountered that provides a comprehensive system for organizing the territory to ensure maximum time management as well as sales performance...  

...To make it simple, if you have a sales force and want to help them increase their efficiency and create greater revenue, employ this system."  Les Berry, District Sales Manager, Parts Associates, Inc

"Having a call template that enables me to counter objections concisely and quickly allows me to talk more naturally and confidently from the beginning of a call.    The confidence of knowing what to say gives me the edge to be more aggressive in my sales.  Would I recommend the training to others? YES, the training allows the novice salesperson to over come their fears of "selling".    I have 20 years of experience, but sales calls always intimidated me.   The training allowed me to minimize that anxiety and approach my sales days with greater confidence."   Brian Dooley, Account Manager, Financial Industry

"We began using Score Selling sales training solution about 4 months ago and during this time we have successfully implemented the prospecting, lead generation and time management portions of his program. We have completely overhauled our sales messaging, fully dialed in our approach to a new level and experienced gains beyond the goals that were established at the beginning of the program. We implemented the executive level calling with fantastic results; the voicemail campaign; and the compression prospecting Call Day. 

In this short time period our prospecting pipeline has almost doubled (48%). 

I attribute this success to the Score Selling™ model that Kevin has provided. If you are a single sales person or manage 100 sales people, I would strongly urge you to look at Score Selling as a tried and proven system to help you exceed your sales goals. Your sales team will find Kevin to be a true asset."   Curt Dowling, Senior Vice President, Benise-Dowling Associates

"I had the opportunity to participate in Kevin's Score Selling program. Without a doubt, it was one of the better Sales Training programs I have taken over the years. Kevin was a very knowledgeable and enthusiastic presenter which I believe provided significant benefit to the sales process. I would highly recommend the Score Selling program."  Bob Walters Strategic Account Manager, Kliklok-Woodman

“Kevin is a great trainer.” P.G., Heavy Equipment Sales


“I can sell more after being in Score Selling™ Sales Training because I now have a better overall picture of the opportunity and how to collect/use information and what questions to ask, when to listen and when to attack, identify/prioritize opportunities.”  R L., Controls Product Manager, Heavy Equipment Sales

"He made the class fun. Which in turn makes it easy to learn.  Waylon. F., Territory Sales Specialist

"I met Kevin as a result of my employer hiring him as a consultant to examine, review and study the present methods of Selling being used at the company.  Kevin, is very unique and best of all he is truly a "Been there, Done That and has been very Successful" as a Sales Representative. He implements an intense dialogue to examine and methodically review, critique and implement action plans to increase the individuals sales reps and company's bottom line.  I personally recommend Kevin based on two things; the man has Integrity of Character and his Score Selling™ program works.  Score Selling™ is genuinely unique and not a copycat. The methodology examines and tracks time management and timed results with emphasis on systematic ready to use recordings of all parts of Sales efforts. Truly, I could accurately keep "Score" of my Goals, Efforts and Results.  My confidence and time management greatly improved. Highly Recommended for anyone in sales, networking and requiring face time with clients/customers." Jason Konas, Commercial Construction Sales

"I commend Kevin on his professionalism and his ability to take on many roles during our sessions. With our sometimes eclectic group it's not enough to be a trainer you have to also be a student, pacifist, encourager and have a great sense of humor."  Manny Campbell, Strategic Account Manager, Kliklok-Woodman

"I feel more comfortable with objection handling and will use those skill sets more effectively."    Bryan F, Territory Sales

“Score Selling™ helps me to sell more by following the rule of CLIENT™ and LANC™ much more closely, do a better job qualifying, and build org charts.  It emphasized where I need to be more organized and how I can better gather intelligence and be a better communicator.”  John Z.  Project Specialist, Industrial Sales

"I set realistic, measurable and attainable goals.  It taught me to always know what our $$$ goals are and to offer "Fries" with every order.  Also to remind customers about the programs we are offering."  P. Parker, Sales Leader

"I believe Score Selling has allowed me to look at sales from outside the  "box".  This is more or less my first job with direct exposure to sales.  Therefore, most of my sales training (before Score Selling) has been geared primarily toward the old way of doing things.  This has not been a bad thing, however, Score Selling has allowed me to concentrate my pitch toward offering the prospect a solution to their problems versus a list of the services (value added or otherwise) we have to offer.  I truly believe most prospects goal is to obtain solutions to their problem."  Barry M., Account Manager, Credit Industry

“Score Selling™ Sales Training equips me to sell more by the CLIENT™ approach.  I believe it will be essential for all the sales team to have a better vision of the clients needs and improve customer relationship.”  R.S., Sales Engineering Supervisor, MFG Sales

"Great Learning Experience.  I learned to be listening and working on available options to overcome objections.  After every call, evaluating how to improve."  J. Wilson, Sales Specialist

"I found it very valuable to see in writing all of our strengths as a company;  all of our advantages over other companies and I will use that to try to sell more and to close sales more quickly." T. Smith, Territory Sales

"We had been involved in ScoreSelling training for a few months and we decided to have a training session where we would each work the phones using what we had learned, record our results and then reconvene to discuss our progress. During our second session I was making my calls with some good results but I had reached a prospect on my list that I had called before. On my previous call to this gentleman, he had very firmly insisted that I never call him back. About this time Kevin walked into my office and asked how it was going. I told him about the next call on my list and that he had told me to never call again. Kevin asked me what I planned to do and I said I was going to call him anyway. After a few minutes of discussing this situation Kevin suggested that this gentleman may just be a bottom line kind of guy so maybe we should just cut straight to it. We had been practicing many techniques in our course so I just jotted down a few notes to prep this next call...

I dialed his company number and asked to be transferred to Bill. I thought I would probably get his voicemail but unexpectedly he answered “ This is Bill”. I said “ Bill, you don’t know me but I work with Benise-Dowling National Painting and we have painted the exteriors of 30 Embassy Suites and have been able to reduce their capital expenditures on Painting by 10%, should I stop now?” Then I just shut up and waited. Bill then stated that they are planning on painting this year and that he wanted our information so we could be invited to the pre-bid meeting... 

Here was a guy who told me never to call back. I did anyway but used the techniques from the Score Selling™ course, with no fluff at all and I got a positive result."  Tripp Swift, Benise-Dowling National Painting

"Although we as Sales Professionals have our own methods for winning business I think this type of periodic training has a way of getting us all back on a common track. Perhaps not in our daily practices but in our overall thinking and approach to reaching our individual goal and most importantly the team goal." Manny Campbell, Strategic Account Manager, Kliklok-Woodman

“I want to break CLIENT™ and LANC™ down to the basics and create a laminated card that will remind us of what to do prior to going into a customer session.  I never understood my sales tactics before.   I just picked things up and used them when they fit.   This put everything into perspective.” Stephen W., National Sales Manager, Industrial Sales

“The Sales Training from Score Selling™ has given me tangible means to sell more by planning better, getting more focus on the team's sales plans and better understanding of motivators to help sales staff achieve their goals.”  Bruce G., Automation Manager, Manufacturing Sales

I recently landed a major account and I can directly attribute my success to strategies learned from Score Selling™...

The prospect was an entertainment company in Los Angeles. I had attempted to reach them several times over the course of about a year. I didn't have a specific target in mind because I was not sure who the decision maker was.

I left messages that were never returned. I had all but given up then I took Kevin's Score Selling™ course. 

In the course I learned how to craft voice and email messages that were more likely to get a response. I was a bit skeptical but I tried it out. I learned how to obtain an email address using Kevin's training. Ultimately my communications conveyed a message that they would be doing themselves a disservice by not responding and learning more about the services that I had to offer. That message was forwarded to the Director of Accounting. After a couple of brief phone conversations, an "elevator pitch", and an email or two I found myself in Los Angeles meeting with the COO, CFO, Controller and Director of accounting. 

Within a couple of weeks of that meeting the prospect became a new client and entered into an exclusive vendor contract with my company. I highly recommend Score Selling™ to anyone in sales. It is my experience that if you follow Kevin's program you will see a return on investment almost immediately.  Jacob Robertson, Sales, Szabo Associates, Inc

"I am taking a more proactive goal in knowing my sales goal and striving to surpass it.  It has allowed me to understand how to really listen to a customer needs.  C. Nelson, Territory Sales

"Reinforces our practice of productivity (and efforts to increase), planning and time management.  Helps understand not only the value to the company but to the individual sales reps.  I have found the "group" training sessions very helpful ... specifically, the role-playing techniques in communicating with our clients and prospects and overcoming rebuttals etc.  Out of the program I found the role playing techniques the most beneficial."  Randy N., Sales Team Leader, Financial Industry

“I can attest my ability to sell more is a result of the Score Selling™, specifically because of the focus on applying these principles at the beginning of the sales process.  It’s a good program to refresh selling principles.”  Dennis M., Sales Specialist, Industrial Equipment Sales

“Kevin brought up so many ideas that never even crossed my mind! Great training!  The questions I ask my customers!!  I loved the idea of the poking questions that I can ask the customers in regards to quoting."  S. Brown, Sales

“Score Selling™ Sales Training helps me by remembering what’s in it for me as a result of making sales goals. And nudge the customer for more information so I can have a better understanding of situation.”  Ben P., Electronic Automation Sales

"I took Kevin’s Score Selling class over a period of many months and found him to be enthusiastic about his subject. Of particular benefit to me was the Score Selling’s approach to time management and task tracking. I would recommend this to all."  Andrew Parlour, Strategic Account Manager at Kliklok Woodman

“Score Selling™ Sales Training has equipped me to sell more by implementing the approach techniques and focus more time on key accounts which will allow for more success and opportunities.”  Brandon B., Large Motor Sales, Heavy Equipment

"I utilized the Score Selling™ sales training solution starting in June 2008 through to 2009 and again in 2010. I was part of an executive operations team at Landair responsible for implementing a sales training solution for our sales team. We selected Score Selling™ and, after administering a Sales Assessment, implemented the Score Selling™ Sales Training solution for our sales team. I found the program very effective in driving productive sales activities, specifically in the areas of prospecting, time management and lead generation. Kevin was also instrumental in building our sales process into the platform, ensuring conformity with the business needs of the operation and in training the sales team in it’s use. I also called on Kevin's expertise to supplement my recruiting and hiring of new sales team members and in ramping up new sales trainees; he contributed significantly to the assembling of the company's new sales-hire training manual. I trust Kevin and his organization and highly recommend the Score Selling™ solution."  Creighton Zirkle, Senior Transportation Manager at Pilot Travel Centers

"I try to insert more positive statements into conversations with customers.  More confidence."  JC, Corporate Sales
“I will be able to sell more as a result of the Score Selling™ Sales Training because I am following some steps of time management trying to organize better my day and I am going to ask the TAM to set a 15 minutes quote review as an ongoing practice with the customer.”  Charles S., Sales Team Leader, Industrial Equipment Sales

"Kevin was very perceptive on personality types & styles.  I will be able to combat competitive companies with Proof Statements; and feel I will be able to PULL more information out of the customers.  It has already improved my skills in drawing out more information & being able to pinpoint the actual issue."  Laura B., Sales Representative

“The Sales Training from Score Selling™ has given me tangible means to sell more by doing a better job at qualifying quotes and learning what questions to ask.” Sharon L., Application Engineer, Industrial Sales

"I learned to not give up easily, to ask the question: Really, Why? or Why do you feel that way, and let the customer open up.  And how to handle some common objections better."  Ben S., Sales

“I sell more after being in Score Selling™ Sales Training because I started qualifying my requests and I am now more focused on the customer by understanding every customer's specific need or concern and then providing solutions  even with experiencing hesitation on the customer's part.”  K. G., Sales Engineer, Industrial

"I take more ownership of what do. Dig deeper and add value... One key factor "Listen."  C. W., Sales Representative

"Score Selling has been beneficial by giving me a different perspective when making sales calls.   Since we are in field of limited prospects it is good to speak in a manner that promotes what the client wants verses what we want.   It really has been helpful in the prospecting side of the business."  Michael P., Sales Professional

“I attribute my ability to sell more as a result of the Score Selling™ training, specifically because it basically reminded me to ask more questions and it gives you other ideas to think through the process.”  Dale R., Large Motor Specialist, Manufacturing Sales

"The Score Selling™ training has given me the tools I need to be successful and the confidence that is needed when speaking with our clients. I was able to make my first sale after the class.  Kevin taught in a way that it was not only fun but was easy to understand. He changed my way of thinking about sales. My personal opinion is that he is a great teacher.  Would I recommend Score Selling™? Yes, for students like myself who have never had any sales experience he opened doors about selling that had previously scared me to death and took the fear out of what I thought would be really hard; he made selling easy and gave the tools to overcome all of the objections that we face when speaking with prospects."  I. Kendrick, Sales, Recovery Services Industry

"I ask more questions of the customer in order to help get the sale. I am asking more questions now."  SB, Sales
“Score Selling™ helps me to sell more by understanding the customers requirement and to show the customer how committed you are to help their specific application.”  MN, Application Engineer, Manufacturing Sales
"I learned new ideas on how to communicate with the customers.  I will be researching the competition a little more to find out where we stand.  To find out if our pricing is too high or quality is an issue with the customer and offer accessories with each sale if possible."  VN, Territory Sales
“Score Selling™ Sales Training equips me to sell more by trying to qualify projects more both before and after quoting.” William R., Senior Application Engineer, Industrial Equipment Sales

"Kevin's training was very practical and based on usable techniques.  I will pay even more attention to asking open ended questions and gauging my customer's real concerns.  The training helped solidify ideas offered in our own training.  We were able to practice real techniques and the exercises helped reinforce the theory."  M. Moss, Territory Sales

“I can directly attribute my ability to sell more as a result of Score Selling™, specifically because I am using the training to refine my sales approach considering the CLIENT™ and LANC™ tools.  Some of the approaches learned from the training have shaved rough edges off of my sales acumen and will enable me to provide better customer service and encourage a sale while leaving less "icky salesperson residue.” Jason K., Sales, MFG
“I will be able to sell more as a result of the Score Selling™ Sales Training because I use better techniques for listening & asking questions and now have improved techniques of selling.”  Paul M., Controls Sales Engineer, MFG
"I learned to use my personal time to increase my knowledge about our products.  Sharing familiarities with other salespeople and working together as a team was a great way to learn new information as well as expand current knowledge."  KO, Sales Support
“The Sales Training from Score Selling™ has given me tangible means to sell more by helping me to focus more on trying to put the pieces of the project together in order to best understand the whole of the situation, increase the quality of my quote, and increase the quality and effectiveness of my direct customer contacts.”  Brandon M., Sales Engineer, MFG
"I learned techniques to counter some customer issues re: price/quality, etc. and ways to offer customer "fries" with the motors."  CK, Corporate Sales

"Score Selling™ has helped me with increasing the effectiveness of the voice mails that I leave for clients.  As sometimes it is hard to reach a client (or potential client) on the phone, a well-planned voice mail that leaves them with a reason to want to call you back increases our chances of gaining business.  I would recommend this training course to others.   It has provided me with new ways to not only reach out to the clients but also innovative ways in which to overcome the objections that we encounter when asking for the client's business."  John Shearer, Account Manager, Commercial Recovery Industry

“I can sell more after being in Score Selling™ Sales Training because I spend more up front time qualifying CLIENTS and focus on true potential instead of hopeful accounts.” Michael U., Automation Sales Engineer, Electronic Automation Sales
"I look forward to try out some of the objection handling techniques.  Improve communication with the customer."  RT, Territory Sales
“I can attribute my ability to sell more due to Score Selling™ sales training, specifically because of Time Management and Qualifying leads and customers better and Ideas of how to manage my time and questions to ask when prospecting a customer or project.”  Marc M., Southeast Large Machines Sales, Heavy Equipment
"His ability to make us think about what we are doing was very refreshing.  It encouraged the salespeople to continue to question the customers on Why us".  With the notes that I took and the suggestions from some of the previous groups, I will be able to have more "ammo" on selling of the products and services that we have to offer.  I think that this will also enable the sales's groups to communicate better between each other."  Krista S., Sales Leader
“Score Selling™ helps me to sell more by qualifying the lead better on the front side and reviewing your own processes and how you do your job.” James S., Large Motor Specialist, Heavy Equipment Sales
"I learned to set another goal for myself as well as handling objections using turn key sample.  It has given me new ideas on how to strategize better and put us on the top of customer's  vendor list."  PG, Territory Sales
“Score Selling™ Sales Training equips me to sell more by giving me a better focus on improving communications with every element and it’s always good to re-evaluate how you go through the sales process and see where you can take better ownership of areas that can lead to losing the order.”  Ken S., Application Engineer, Industrial Equipment Sales

"Kevin was very personable and likeable.  Now I focus more on the strengths we have as a negotiating tool.  I am more confident in handling objections."  Clay W., Sales Leader

“I will be able to sell more as a result of the Score Selling™ Sales Training because I ask more questions when trying to close a sale and use fresh techniques for obtaining information.”  Terri W., Sales Supervisor - Automation, Electronic Automation Sales

"I think Kevin's training is VERY beneficial to handling the types of customers I have.  I am going to put the training I have received into practice in my everyday job.  Primarily by handling objections by having the customer explain their true needs."  K. Jones, Sales

“The Sales Training from Score Selling™ has given me tangible means to sell more by - Follow up, listening for unidirectional cues from the customer and being better prepared to get the customer to spill the beans.  I think I'll utilize the 15-minute meeting follow up for some key opportunities and it has enhanced my skills and mindset about getting key information from customers.”  Orlando C., Sales Engineer, Industrial Equipment Sales
"I believe this would be essential to future sale opportunities and this would also keep everyone in sync which would avoid confusion of any sort.  I will try to find more ways to assist our sales-Reps in which could make a difference in Sales.  It helped build a strong level of confidence in knowing what the company has to offer despite the challenges customers may pose in comparison to our competitors."  MS, Sales Support

"I enjoyed the course and learned a lot. It has really helped with time management and provided an approach to selling that I was not previously familiar with." Jacob Robertson, Account Manager, Szabo Associates, Inc

“I can sell more after being in Score Selling™ Sales Training because I will start to use the CLIENT process and I can spend more time on what is important and less time on busy work.”  Robert M., Sales, MFG
“I attribute my ability to sell effectively as a result of Score Selling™, specifically because of using CLIENT™ and LANC™ in my day by day.  I have been getting more feedback from the customer, and I am able to interact more with them.”  R. A. Sales, MFG