The Score Selling™ Story



  • 12 Year Company Anniversary
  • Capacity Improvement Plan Partnership
  • Collaborative Training Community Launch


  • Score Selling™ application developed on platform
  • community launched
  • Sales Capacity Management delivered for mobile iOS and Android 



  • Revenue Based Sales Training
  • Sales Capacity Score™: Predicting Revenue 


  • Score Selling™ Online Solutions
  • Created the Score Selling™ Sales Capacity Assessment


  • Developed and Delivered the Score Selling™ 3.0 Process Embedded Toolsets Solutions
    • Score Selling™ CLIENT Map™ Consultative Qualifier
    • Score Selling™ Green Monster™ Compression Prospecting Solution
    • Score Selling™ ScoreMore™ Weekly Time Management
  • Opened Atlanta, GA Headquarters at 1870 The Exchange, Suite 100, #30 Atlanta, GA 30339


  • Published the Score Selling™ Sales 3.0 Playbook Edition 1


  • Integrated Score Selling™ Training Solutions 2.5 with


  • Created and Launched Score Selling™ Training Solutions version 2.3 CLIENT™ Consultative Sales Qualification Index
  • Developed the Score Selling™ Training Solutions version 2.0 MAJOR™ Sale Process


  • Authored Score Selling™ Training Solutions versions 1.0 to 1.5 Sales Productivity & Production Prospecting Solutions
  • Founded Score Selling, LLC


  • Began to offer training classes through a concept called the Management Institute™


  • Invented the CLIENT™ Consultative Index
  • Founded his first sales consulting company The Leveille Group, LLC

Founder & CEO Kevin Leveille

Kevin Leveille is an award winning professional salesperson and sales manager whose 20-year career in selling and executive sales management spans a variety of highly competitive industries from manufacturing to transportation and from software to professional services.  He is the founder and CEO of Score Selling, LLC which is the first subscription sales training solution that actually enables trainees to increase sales while in the training program itself.  
Describing himself as a "not-naturally-born-salesperson" Kevin significantly outperformed his required sales quotas by becoming a student of the sales profession, technically breaking down sales approaches, finding what worked and putting them back together in his own unique style to form the principles of the Score Selling™ program.

He has authored and published 26 volumes on sales and selling on

  • "Great Learning Experience."  J. Wilson, Sales Specialist
  • "Kevin was very perceptive on personality types & styles."  Laura B., Sales Representative
  • "Kevin brought up so many ideas that never even crossed my mind! Great training!"  S. Brown, Sales
  • "I learned new ideas on how to communicate with the customers."  V. N., Territory Sales
  • "He made the class fun. Which in turn makes it real easy to learn."  W. F, Sales Representative
  • "Kevin's training was very practical and based on usable techniques."  M. Moss, Territory Sales
  • "His ability to make us think about what we are doing was very refreshing."  Krista S., Sales Leader
  • "Kevin was very personable and likable."  Clay W., Sales Leader
  • "I think Kevin's training is VERY beneficial to handling the types of customers I have."  K. Jones, Sales
  • "I believe this would be essential to future sale opportunities..."  MS, Sales Support
  • More...

The Score Selling™ Story

I am not a “natural” salesperson.  When I started in selling, I had nothing going for me that would make me successful—no gift of gab, no confidence, no outgoing personality.  Yet from there I went on to capture top sales awards at numerous companies, went on to found my own sales training company and am now a consultant and trainer to a broad range of companies in diverse industries ranging in size from small and mid-sized on up to the Fortune 100.

I say again that I had no natural ability; on the contrary I was a nervous, stammering, wreck.  Yet I had a desire to reap the rewards that a great sales professional gets.

So I Became a Student of Selling  

I read and listened to training materials, asked questions of top performers, traveled with my managers.  But while there are lots of consumers of sales training materials, I had something else going for me.  I wanted to be able to USE what I learned, to make money with it, to really put it to WORK.  In fact, I demanded it.
And that’s where lots of books, tapes, recommendations from top performers and lots of my own ideas all failed—they seemed to make sense, they sounded good and a lot of them could have been really good ideas, suggestions, techniques, etc.—but they did not come with directions for implementing them.  
They left me ON MY OWN to figure out how to apply it in my own world with my own experience.  And in my world, that was almost like being back at square one.
That was a big problem for me.  Because I really needed help.
So I came up with my own method for testing and applying good ideas.  First, I would review it to see if it was a good idea; next, I would make it my own; third, I would plug it into my sales effort and test it for results.

Know What I Found Out?  

Many ideas failed the first cut; they just weren’t good ideas.  They sounded good but after thinking about them for a time, they came up short.  Most ideas and strategies failed the second cut; that is, I could not readily make the new idea my own—it was too dependent on someone else’s worldview.  Some failed the third round of cuts, but of those that passed, they were now making me money by helping me to sell more.  So I had my proof.
This three-step process gave me two very important benefits.  The first benefit was a very strong stable of sales approaches that were my own and that I could reuse over and over again.  The second benefit was the method itself could be taught to other people to more rapidly absorb new sales approaches.
In 2002 I founded a sales consulting company, but soon found that consulting was not the best way to deliver sales solutions.   Too much time was spent learning the client’s unique environment when, in fact, 80% of client’s ended up needing help in the same areas.  So I began to develop training modules that could be rapidly deployed, quickly learned and assimilated.  I matched them with my three-step method for learning, owning and implementing each part of the training.

I founded Score Selling, LLC

A few more years and I began to similarly recognize that in training environments, using the old instructor style format, 80-90% of the time was spent in relaying the same basic building blocks of information.  Only after teaching these building blocks could we progress to more substantial conversations in sales strategy.
So I began to develop a more efficient manner of communicating this information; I built online video training modules.  E-learning as it is called is online training for my trainees to learn the bulk of the information on their own time, on demand, when they were ready.  
Two benefits were achieved immediately.  First, the value of our class time was increased dramatically--trainees could come equipped to participate and share stories of their own experiences.   
Second, we reduced the total amount of time they were required to be out of the field, because they could do more training on their own time, in off peak hours

That’s How the Complete Score Selling™ Sales Training Solution was Born

It is simply a logical next step in the evolution of the Score Selling™ solution.  Now, trainees can experience the benefits of the training, on their own time, at their own pace and under their own plan—with the flexibility of on-demand, online training.
But, BEFORE I was going to offer this as a solution to my valuable current and future customers it was going to have to pass a vital test.
It was going to have to be something I would buy and I would use.  
And if I was going to buy and use it, it was going to have the following; 
First, I wanted this program to be a virtual partner to help me actually sell more, while I was training.  I wanted to be able to set my own goal as to where I wanted to be and I wanted to be able to pace the program as I saw fit—moving faster when I had the desire to do so, and being able to slow down when I had priorities elsewhere.
Second, I wanted to get information that was great, that was second to none—devoid of the wasteful fluff of corporate training and full of the strategies and useful nuggets of information that I could immediately put into practice to make money.
Third, I wanted to be able to take a great concept; quickly add my own spin on it; and immediately be empowered to put it to work to make money for me, to help me sell, to get me over a hurdle NOW, to get past a sticking point now, that would rocket me forward NOW.  
Fourth, I wanted to KNOW I was getting there.  Because if for some reason I was slowing down, I wanted to know NOW, when I could do something about it—I wanted to be alerted NOW when I could fix it, not later when I couldn’t.  And I wanted it to be fun, to give me proof that I AM progressing toward my goal, to help me through the bad days and to celebrate on the good days.
Fifth, I wanted personal access to a professional trainer who would actually be available when I had questions I needed answering.
So I built it with my own challenges and victories as a sales professional and sales manager.  I incorporated lessons learned from my days as a consultant and trainer of small companies all the way up to the Fortune 100.  And I built it for myself as a discriminating, demanding customer.
That’s why this program exists.   

I hope you like it. Let me know.

Kevin Leveille


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