What We Do

We grow your SALES CAPACITY, so YOU can grow your REVENUE.

We deploy custom-fit sales training to enhance your team's capacity in each of the four segments;

  • The MAJOR™ Sales Process 
  • CLIENT™ Consultative Qualifying
  • Compression Prospecting & OPEN GATE™ Follow Up
  • DayScore™ Time Management

Rich, powerful, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED programs to bring your sales team to the next level of it's revenue generating potential!

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"Our prospecting pipeline almost doubled to 48% in less than 4 months." Curt Dowling, Senior Vice-President, Benise-Dowling & Associates

"I would recommend this to all."  Andrew Parlour, Strategic Account Manager at Kliklok Woodman

"I am a senior established sales professional with high expertise in my field. Kevin is an established sales training professional who spent time understanding what worked for me and recognized the value I received from it. He took time to layout and connect my process into the new company processes. While this is an ongoing process, I enjoyed the time spent with Kevin, I found it effective and saw value in it and can see how he can bring value to other sales professionals in similar situations as myself."  Bill Martins, Sales Manager, Landair