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Introduction To The MAJOR™ Sales Process & The Power Of The Pre-Call

Introduction To The MAJOR™ Sales Process & The Power Of The Pre-Call

With a sales process you will be able to focus on improving specific areas of your effectiveness by allowing the process to educate you.  Where are you having trouble converting from one stage to the next?  Is it a sufficient bottleneck that you should drill down and find out why?  Perhaps you find that what you are doing in that stage is ineffective; either the information you are presenting is off, the way you are presenting is off, or the people to whom you are presenting it is off.  By correcting the issue you can move far more opportunities past that stage and on to closure.  This will provide an introduction to the Score Selling™ MAJOR™ Sales Process.

The Following Courses will be Covered in this ONSITE Session:

The MAJOR™ Sales Process Introduction

What is a Sales Process? The sales process is the sequential series of stages that you guide your sales cycle through on the way to completion.   Process A sales cycle is the group of meetings or events that a prospect goes through on the way to buying something.   A sales process on the other hand is a logical course of action imposed on the sales cycle to make it yield either a sale or a quickly disqualified more

The MAJOR™ Pre-Call

A Pre-Call is a phone conversation with your prospect which is held prior to meeting for the appointment.  The Pre-Call is a powerful way to help you prepare for the appointment.   Why Have One? The Pre-Call lets you get some background information from your prospect.  This gives you a reference point for your discussions when you meet face to face.  If significant travel is involved, never go without this step first.  You don’t want any surprises which would negate the value of the more


"With over 25 years in sales
and sales training I have
seen countless "Selling
Systems", but Kevin's "Score
Selling" is the first I have
encountered that provides a
comprehensive system for
organizing the territory to
ensure maximum time
management as well as sales
performance.  Couple the
calendar with the scoring
system used to help the
managers and reps arrive at
the best way to increase
skills and performance and
you have a program that
needs to be utilized.  To
make it simple, if you have
a sales force and want to
help them increase their
efficiency and create
greater revenue, employ this

Les Berry, District
Sales Manager, Parts
Associates, Inc