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The Secret To All Top Sales Performance Is In Controlling Your Time

The Secret To All Top Performance Is In Controlling Your Time

From a basic time management overview to an in-depth analysis of the value of your time--how you are spending it and how to better align it and manage it to meet your highest goals and expectations for your self--the Score Selling™ professional sales person will be equipped to better qualify the value of their own time as well as how to optimally manage it through application of the Time Management principles in the ScoreMore™ Time Management Solution for Salespeople.

The Following Courses will be Covered in this ONSITE Session:

What is Time Management for Salespeople? Time Management for Salespeople is the discipline of reducing your day to the most basic common denominator of hours and minutes and measuring how much good you can do with those hours and minutes. You need to stay focused doing what makes you and your company money; more 
Salespeople that can consistently spend the majority of their time working on the activities which lead to sales are those destined to blow past any quota and achieve their very highest sales ambitions.  The art and discipline of consistently focusing on spending the majority of your own time in quality sales related activities is therefore of prime concern to the Score Selling sales more
The number one reason salespeople never hit their goals: they do not set any.  But only slightly behind in second place is a big killer of sales careers--the goal that is set without a corresponding discipline of follow up and accountability to achieving the more 



"I commend Kevin on his
professionalism and his
ability to take on many
roles during our sessions.
With our sometimes eclectic
group it's not enough to be
a trainer you have to also
be a student, pacifist,
encourager and have a great
sense of humor."  

Manny Campbell, Strategic Account
Manager, Kliklok-Woodman

"I enjoyed the course and
learned a lot. It has really
helped with time management
and provided an approach to
selling that I was not
previously familiar with."

Jacob Robertson, Account
Manager, Szabo Associates,

“I use better techniques for 
listening & asking questions
and now have improved
techniques of selling.” 

Paul M., Controls Sales
Engineer, MFG